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Who We Serve

Wink is intended to serve children and families who live with disabilities of any kind. UNICEF estimates 600 million people are born with or acquire a disability in their lifetime. Twenty-five percent of them — 150 million — are children.

Each year in the US alone, 11,000 kids are diagnosed with cancer and 10,000 kids are diagnosed with cerebral palsy. Currently in the US, 80,000 individuals live with cerebral palsy, 70,000 live with spina bifida, and 300,000 children have juvenile rheumatoid arthritis. According to CNN Health (April 2013), one in 50 kids is on the Autism spectrum. When you consider how the daily lives of their families and friends are impacted, the numbers are overwhelming.

· Should our society consider expanding its perspective relative to these children and their families?

· Do we realize the daily challenges that face these children and their families?

· In a social setting, are you comfortable when you see someone with a challenging illness or disability?

· Are we properly honoring their courageous example when we stare at them, avoid them, or make them feel invisible?

There is an emotional conflict in many of us — not because we don’t feel the tug on our heart, but because there is no easy conduit to show our support. We’re afraid to stare, yet embarrassed if we do.

There is an obvious opportunity to bridge that gap. So we’re promoting Wink as the nonverbal way to convey our feeling of support. In our fast-paced life, Wink provides a conduit to be “human” and demonstrate our care and support.

Wink does not accept any charitable donations; our goal is to create awareness. We encourage you to give to your local charities or those that have touched your heart. Thank you.