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Wink Vector Logo Need a logo to promote the Wink cause? Download our hi-res logos, available in a variety of sizes and formats.

Wink is a suspenseful and action-packed story that follows journalism student Angie Clarke as she investigates mysterious and supernatural events, which lead her to realize her destiny.


Author Shawn Fennell invites readers to share Angie’s poignant journey as very special “helpers” guide her on what turns out to be a bumpy road with unexpected twists and turns. After overcoming many obstacles, she learns new life lessons and evolves from being a sympathizer to an empathizer — qualities she soon realizes are worlds apart.


Wink Vector Logo
Wink Vector Logo

A truly inspirational work of fiction that has spiritual overtones, Wink will appeal to readers of all ages. A story of one girl’s discovery, it celebrates faith, hope, love, understanding, courage, and, in the end, awareness.


Fennell’s goal is to effect change in how we as a society support those children and their families who are stricken with life-threatening illnesses or who live with a disability. He wants to create a conduit, a symbol of support that is recognized as, “Hey…I get you, I understand.”

Wink Vector Logo “I was a disabled child,” says Fennell.Thankful that my own children are healthy, my passion is to make a difference in the lives of others.