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  • Community Caring
    Community Caring Winking is caring; it’s an important way to bring our community together, especially for those who need it most.
  • Dare to Wink
    Dare to Wink It’s not difficult to interact with a child who has a disability, and the Wink sign language goes a long way to making a connection.
  • The Wink Family
    The Wink Family When you learn to Wink, you join an inclusive family of wonderful people working to make life more amazing for their children. Join us!
  • Wink is caring
    Wink is caring Wink is a sign that you care. It immediately eliminates barriers and is a genuine expression of your support for that child and family.
  • Wink is knowledge
    Wink is knowledge Knowing how to interact is key to eliminating the anxiety of meeting children with disabilities. Take a second and learn how to Wink!

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